Sunday, February 3, 2008

Khushi Chhah Jati Hai

Khushi Chhah Jati Hai

Khushi Chah Jati Hai

Chehre Pe Khushi Chah Jati Hai
Ankhon Mein Suroor Aajata Hai
Jab Tum Mujhe Apna Kehte Ho
Apne Pe Guroor Aajata Hai

Tum Husn Ki Khud Ek Dunya Ho,
Shayad Yeh Tumhain Maloom Nahi
Mehfil Mein Tumhare Aane Se ,
Har Chiz Pe Noor Aajata Hai

Hum Pass Se Tum Ko Kiya Dekhen
Jab Tum Mukabil Hote HO
Betaab Nighaoon Ke Aage ,
Parda Sa Zaroor Aajata Hai

Jab Tumse Mohabbat Ki Humne
Tab Jake Kahin Yeh Raaz Khula
Marne Ka Saliqa Aata Hi Nahi
Jeene Ka Shaoor Aajata Hai

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