Saturday, February 23, 2008

Her name on my wrists

Her name on my wrists

Her name on my wrists
Her pure Devine
Skin white like snow
Lips red like wine
My name she’ll never know

Gives me a hope
Takes it away
I go through the pain
Each and every day

Her presence excites me
I stop and I stare
But she never notices
She never cares

I’m so invisible
To her I don’t exist
But to me she is everything
Her name carved on my wrists

Each day it goes on
My feelings hard to hide
I love her so dearly
It tears me up inside

But she doesn’t love me
So my life is now dim
No, she doesn’t love me
Like she loves him

No longer can I live like this
I say as I grab the knife
She took away my heart
Like I took away my life

by Monique Fuller

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