Saturday, April 21, 2012

Very Cute Love Sms in Urdu

Intelligent Man + Intelligent Woman = Romance.

Intelligent Man + Intelligent Woman = Romance.
Intelligent Man + Stupid Woman = Pregnancy.
Stupid Man + Intelligent Woman = Affair.
Stupid Man + Stupid Woman = Marriage !

Sincere Apology

Sincere Apology : If u dont like any of my SMS n dont like 2 read,
then plz dont hesitate, feel free to..... Throw ur mobile.

What is a girl friend?

What is a girl friend?
Addition of problems, subtraction of money,
multiplication of enemies & division of friends

newtons law of romance

newtons law of romance:- love can neither be created nor be destroyed,
it can only be changed from one girl friend to another...


breakfast= can't eat bcoz i think of u. -
lunch= can't eat bcoz i think of u -
dinner= can't eat bcoz i think of u -
bedtime * can't sleep bcoz..... - i am so hungry!:........

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beauty Tips in Urdu for Pakistani Girls and Women

Beauty tips for Winter Season

In winter, extremely cold breeze flow across Pakistan, India and Africa. So before thinking to start a make up or taking care of your skin, you must understand that in winter we wear dark colored dresses. So in order to wear makeup we must keep in mind the balance between dress color and your makeup.

Oil Based Moisturizer
Protect your skin from cold breeze by using oil based moisturizer, it will not only protect your skin from cold, but it will keep your skin wet for longer time and your skin wouldn't dry. Dry skin is the biggest issue in winter which all women, men and girls have to face. In the evening, hard oil moisturizers should be used which must contain vitamins and other contents which help keep the skin fresh. This moisturizer should be used right after taking a shower so that your skin is fresh, soft and clean. This will make moisturizer to work more efficiently. Met foundation is best for winter. Eye makeup should be matching with your dress. In winter, dark spots under eyes are developed. With light brown eye cream, these spots can be hidden like an expert.

Foundation in winter is really very challenging job, foundation is very important to protect your kind and keep it fresh. Use such foundation which matches your skin toning. If your skin gets dry, then use that foundation which keeps skin wet in winter. Apply foundation with your fingers and at the end, you can apply foundation to those areas where it is still needed, it's not that complex process.

In winter, skin gets dry easily. So to wear makeup, you should use moisturizing cream, foundation and sunscreen as well. Sunscreen are usually present in both moisturizers and foundation as well, so before buying moisturizer or foundation, make it sure that at least one of them contains sunscreen in it. Sunscreen protect your skin from harmful sun rays in winter.

Mascara is very important if you wear makeup in winter. Mascara must be replaced every three months. Mascara type is not important, it is the way that you apply mascara. Use smaller stick it will give efficient look to your mascara, which is very important for winter season. It gives gorgeous look to eyes and face and people are attracted to you.

Winter season is great as you can wear dark colored dresses and wear dark makeup, but it's a challenge for you as well to keep your skin fresh and glowing with tips we discussed earlier.

Read urdu beauty tips for women and other skin related issues for women on Pakistan's no1 urdu website

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We are Sorry

Over the sad incident last evening, when bhoja air line crashed near Islamabad airport coming form RWP, all passengers and crew members were died. We are sorry for the loss of their family and as well as we are sorry for Bhoja Air Line as well for such a sorrowistic accident.

May God Bless them All,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Muaf Karna mujhe muhabbat nahi hai

Libas Tan se Utar Dena

Kisi ki Banho ko Haar dena

Phir us k Jazbon ko Maar Dena

Agar Mohabat yehi ha Jana, To muaf KaRNa muje nahi ha.

Gunah KARNE ka soch lena

Haseen Pariyan daboch lena

Phir uski Ankhen hi noch lena

Agar Mohabat yehi ha Jana, To muaf KaRNa muje nahi ha.

Kisi ko lafzon ka Jaal dena

Kisi ko jazbon ki dhaal dena

Phir uski izat Uchaal dena

Agar Mohabat yehi ha Jana, To muaf KaRNa muje nahi ha.

Andhair nagri main chalte jana

Haseen kaliyan masalte jana

Or apni fitrat pe muskurana

Agar Mohabat yehi ha Jana, To muaf KaRNa muje nahi ha.

Saja raha ha har ik Dewana

Khayal e Husn o jamal Jana

Khayal kya hain Hawas ka Tana

Agar Mohabat yehi ha Jana, To muaf KaRNa muje nahi hai

Source : urdu Love Poems on

Beauty tips for Women in urdu

Source : Beauty tips for women in urdu

Sunday, March 25, 2012

urdu sms

Usy shak hai k main us k liya jaan na dy paon gi
Mujy yh darr hai k roye ga bouth wo aazma k mjhe

urdu love poem

Mohhabat Dukh To Deti Hay
Magar Eik Bat Kehni Hay
Jisko Chaha Jata Hay
Zarori Ye Nahi Hota K
Usko Pa Liya Jaey
Kabhi Us K BichARNE Se
Mohabbat Kam Nahi Hoti
Zara Si Dair Pahle To
Yehi Ehsaas Hota Hay
KKoi Ji Nahi Sakta
Maggar Phir Rafta Rafta Hi
Haqiqat Khul Ti Jati Hay
Mohabbat Wo Nahi Hoti
K Jisko Pa Liya Jaey
Mohabbat Wo B Hoti Hay
Jo Hamesha Sath Rahti Hay
Kabhi Dukh K Andheron ME
Kabhi Khushion K Daman ME
Kabhi Wo Aas Dati Hay
Kabhi Umeed Dati Hay

Source :
Vimeo URL:;u=833720

Some Pages of Urdu SMS Collection Blogs


Jane Kis umar mein jaye gi ye aadat Apni,
Ruthna us se to Oron se ulajhte rehna....!!!

Mujhe Apna DIL de kar aj Meherban ban jao.
Mere dil me utar kar meri jan ban jao.
Mein kaun hoon kia hoon mujhe koi bhi nahi janta.
Meri Jan ban kar Aj Meri pehchan ban jao,
aaj mujhe dil de kar meharban ban jao !

Main Hans K Jhel Leta Hoon Judai Ki Sabhi Rasmein
Gale Jab Uske Lagta Hoon To Aankhen Bheeg Jaati Hain..!!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

New year Sms 2012 in Urdu

Happiest New year 2012 SMS in Urdu

(1) Meri dua hai k aap anay waly s

Meri dua hai k aap anay waly saal 2012 k 12 mahiny khush raho.
53 hafty muskuraty raho.
365 din aap per Allah mehrban rahy.
8760 ghanty qismat ap ka sath dy.
525600 mintus kamyabi ap k qadam chomy.
Seconds meri duain aap k sath rahain.

(2) Bas itna SWAL hai......

Bas itna SWAL hai......

Aap ka kia HALL hai.




2011 me ab Tak Mujh se koi Ghalti

hoi ho



koi Bat


Buri Lagi ho



Kr Skty ho karLo



me B

Baz Nhi aaunga.

Happy New Year

(3) (H) (A) (P) (P) (Y) (N)




(Allah se dua he k woh apki woh har galti or khata muaf krde jo apse jan bojh kr ya anjane men hui or apke daman men khusyan bhr de)


(4) Wishing U a very

Wishing U a very Happy n prosperous new yr.

D magic wand 2 fulfill ur dreams

is in d hands of none other

than ur ownself.

So go ahead ,

roll d magic wand,

work hard

& make ur dreams come true dis year!!!



(5) Do u know d special of this new year 2012 ?

Do u know d speciality of ths new year?

It strts with monday & ends also on monday

nd No public holidays on sundays.

This year has got highest number

of sundays and saturdays.

So enjoy the least working year in your life!!

2012- a year with a difference.


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