Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day in Advance.

Hello Sisters and Brothers , Friends and Pakistanis,

How are you? i hope every will be fine, excellent, enjoying his/her life . Working hard to earn money , feeding his /her children, Watching TV . Listening to crap of our so called politician and thinking ,, hmmmmmmm who should we vote on 18 FEB. :)

Well, our servey says, Imran Khan is the most liked politician , but he is the best as well, as he is not a part of so called upcoming democratic government. PPP or PML (N) or the most beautiful Chaudhry bros . who ever is next, is no doubt the worst .

I love chaudhry bros , u know y ? b'coz they are the biggest PAINDOS. And ch. Shujhaat, i record his lecture some time and then run the tape 2x so that i could hear what exactly he says.

If you are from lahore then you would be better knowing the actual facts there. my friends call me almost daily 2 let me know about exactly what's happening back in my streets of LhR.

I have heard, that there is some politician called MONUS ELLAHI , son / relative of Chaudhry bros, he gave 15,00 each to more than thousands of his voters on this eid. Well Well, this is 100 % confirmed and true report. Chaudhry bros did really helped poor during the time period in power, :)

Nawaz sharif, every one knows he is just another pain inside his ass. But my pakistani ppl , brothers and sisters still love him . why ? i never know and i am sure i will never ever know why. Zardari of PPP, in an interview he said he can be the option for PRIME MINISTER of pakistan, When i heard him saying this, I wanted to cry here , i wanted to come out at street here in new york and cry like a baby to tell every one in this world , that my country men , my brothers , sisters are the most idiot, stupid , un-educated, un-mannered citizen of this world. I am really ashamed of being called a pakistani at this time.

Anywas, its just patriotism , nothing else. i am just saying , after 10 years of Musharraf GOVT, there is not a single person born in Pakistan who is so good to lead this nation. After 10 years, almost, we are still there to choose from ZARDARI , NAWAZ and PAINDOS. Wonderful. Today, Pakistan has shortage of everything, Flour , Wheat, oil, Gas, Petrol, Electricity . What is left which is available in pakistan ?. Musharraf said in an interview that shortage of resources is because pakistan has progressed so much in last 4-5 years of this tenure, let me ask the genius, were you sleeping when progress was being made in pakistan and he or his men couldn't make a guess . Listen, its just a trick to deceive people , Pakistan has made no progress in all these years. Lahore is crowded and there is traffic Jam every second , Karachi is same too, there is no management . Nothing. Pakistan is still there. Howerver, our country men are killing eachother , army killing our bros, and people from that area are coming inner cities to take their revenge. But at both sides, we are killing ourselves. WOW !

Just as i always say, we are loosers and we will always be loosers. Because in between loosers like we are , or our whole nation really is , we can only give birth to another looser, like PML(N), PPP and PML(Q) Leaders.

Leave this crap out of my sight now. actually i wanted to write about upcoming VALENTINE' DAY but , Country comes first. right ?

So what about valentine's day , should we celebrate it ? ppl say , no, but y no ? if there is some day we could dedicate to our love ones , then y not ?

I will definitely be with my valentine the whole time, we will enjoy together, may be watch some movie, go to friends , have lunch together, i am going to get roses definitely. So you guys and galz, must exchange roses on this valentines day , because its the only way we can share love and happiness, otherwise, our leaders has left nothing to celebrate.

Love you All, and Happy Valentine's Day in Advance.
Take care of my Pakistan, Plz .


Anonymous said...

Salaam Sidra Ji:

Nice to have your mail, thanks for your bold blog about ch. bros. I'm from Lahore but have been in NY for long time, so don't know much now whats going on there. One thing I know Mr. "Busharaf" has ruined our beautiful country for the sake of others.
ok, talk to u later, have a wonderful valentine's day. byeeee. Keep it up.------

hassan raza tanoli said...

me moderate n religious
like ur work but .....have a problem with u
u can choose any different topic except Valentine day.............
Our Prophets and THE LAST MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) and after that Khalifas never celeberate..............
How can we involve in such activities? and why?
Basant and Valentine day..........sorry to say i don't like but it's my opinion.... appreciate ur work.keep it up n have nice happy day.....c ya..ALLAH PAMAN

faisal said...

Hello Dear Sidra

Hope yr fine.today i read yr comments and laughing too much.i have two question in my mind.
1.y u love chaudhry bros.... even they kill our many muslim brothers and sisters like vegatables...
2.what you think who is best leader for our country Pakistan.
hope you give yr good answers of my questions.

take care dear

Muhammad khalid said...

this is nice you have concern about the future of Pakistan, but problem is the politician’s and also the Pakistan military officials 2, you have own opinion or experience about them but dear they all not to sincere with our country, hmm about valentine’s day its good if celebrate this day, is dedicated to the peoples who love some one, you can celebrate valentine’s day with your wife, parents, friends…

Anonymous said...

I fully endorse your comments on Pakistani politicians, especially about Paidoos and, Mr. 50%. Also about the progress Pakistan made during the 10 years of Danda regime, by putting the country hero under house arrest and torturing him, so that people could not vote him to presidency, as the Indians did.
I like rdu Poetry, every type, and of course, like beautiful sober people, too.
Keep writing. I spent some of my very precious years in Lahore. I like Lahore very much.
Allah Hafiz

Anonymous said...

we can celebrate the valentine's day with our family.
i do not like the politics.but i regard your comments

Anonymous said...

hi everybody specially sidra,

nice to hear these comments about our country's politics but i want to ask everyone could we do something or we always cry . i think we should do something to save our country from these cowerdy and ediot peoples.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the Invite.. i think its the first time ive had any-such invite but was a pleasure reading your blog. Basically youve summerized all of pakistan politics. but you Missed 1 crucial Anti-Pakistan leader and Party MQM(Altaf).Anyways i'm still trying to work out how this blog things works out. My e-mails ansaar2@hotmail.com and how is it in New York these days especially for Pakistani/Muslim? We are here in Birmingham UK.. Tkae cares Allah Hafizzz

Anonymous said...

First Real Pakistan Blog - An Urdu Website Blog . but withnot a single letter of urdu?

Hassan said...


IRAM said...


hope u have enjoyed ur vet.day really thanks 4 the invitation ,an eye catching blog u wrote but the thing which pricked my mind is ur statement WE R LOOSERS WE WILL B LOOSERS u know y we r LOOSERS , infact u have given the ans in ur blog surprised na just read it again "Leave this crap out of my sight now. actually i wanted to write about upcoming VALENTINE' DAY but "
so whenever our motherland is in difficulty then we use same words , use 2 say that a CRAP and think abt something beautiful 4 us including me never thought 2 take a step 4ward and speak and argue these people who r making our mother land weak .

take care b happy alwayz ALLAH HAFIZ

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your comments about the Pak’s Politician and it is very upsetting and crying like when you read all this about our so call loyal leaders.
However I’m opposing your comments about valentine day. This is a non-Muslim created holiday and I think one could use this time batter by doing some thing that Allah and his beloved Prophet would like.
I would highly recommend that one should click on this link and read the entire post b4 celebrating the Valentine day. It will be beneficial for your belief.

Anonymous said...

Sidra, thanks for inviting to your blog and asking for comments!!

Well, you said right about the Pakistan politics and the people (us) who are actually poorer rather disabled in finding out some one genius,perfect enough to lead the nation. But think in an other direction, are we able to be ruled by some one we are looking for?? No, absolutely not. Because we forget who we are, even before Pakistanis we are, so called, the Muslims. We have left behind the teaching of Islam. Maximum of us do not want to learn about Islam. I am sure, the day we (every one of us on his/her part) decided to be "Muslims" and adopt the track guided by Islam and only Islam, it will be the start towards a bright future in this life as well as the life coming after death.

Actually, we are being misguided by those who are being guided by our enemies. And out bad luck is that we don't even realize where we are being pushed to. Our enemies (regional and actually the religious enemies) have been gathered around us but, you are right, we will be electing the same Bundle of Junks, who have been deceiving so far. Alas, every one of us, plz think about the situation and turn around. Turn around and look what we have left behind. Choose the right way, the way taught by Islam, by Muhammad (PBUH) that will lead us to our actual Goal.

Now, valentine day, my dear I am afraid thats the reason you have called ppl "Idiots". Think about this day. It do not belong to US, The Muslims. Valentine means the unfair relationships b/w a Girl (woman) and a boy (Man). Islam teaches us to choose some one as your life partner, arrange a gathering of relatives and tell announce that you two are now Husband/Wife and then you make love as much as you can. That will build a strong relationship, the devotion for each other and a clean, clear and pious community. Which will then lead towards prosperity and happiness every where.

Brothers and sisters, realize yourselves. Think about who you are and where are you been taken. Do not accept the things don't belong to us. These type of celebrations are not for us. We have our own celebrations. We should take guidance from Quraan o Sunnah, research Islam by ourselves and Allah Almighty will not let us waisted. May Allah guide us His way. (Ameen)

Thanks & Regards,
Abdul Hadi.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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