Saturday, February 23, 2008

I had give you my heart,

I had give you my heart,

I’d give you my heart,
But I’d like to impart,
Having difficulty? I guess I’d say sorta.
Finding the card was a snap,
I got really cute wrap,
But I made a mess when I cut the aorta.

So maybe I’ll get candy.
That really sounds dandy,
And whisper sweet nothings soft and quiet.
But it’d just be my luck,
That you’d just say yuck,
Because you recently went on a diet.

So I simply propose,
To get you a rose,
That a flower’s romantic, I am a believer.
But the way things are going,
You soon will be showing,
Sneezing and sniffling, the signs of hay fever.

So what can I do,
To show how I feel about you,
It’s so bad that I feel just like praying.
When I try to utter,
I just stammer and stutter,
And you don’t even know what I’m saying.

So I have the luck,
To be forever stuck,
With feelings and no way to show ‘em.
So I hope it’s okay,
If I take this way,
And say it all in a poem.

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