Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get your own Free Website

Create your own website

Hey Guys

Today i am telling you how can you get ,your own free website. I thinks its 21st century and its time for all IT-related personals to have a home :) , right.

Most of IT people like some of my own friends back in pakistan have completed masters in IT or Bachelors but they didn't even created their Portfolio or profile page. May be they dont know how easy it is to create website on internet.

You will need one editor for you html page creation

Like dreamweaver etc.

Just write as much as you want , stylize it , with some really good fonts. and that's it.

upload it to some of very good free hosting websites Like Geocities, 100gBfree , just go to and write " free web hosting" and you will get millions of links as you require.

Even Better way ,

go to and create a new blog with your free gmail account. and then create new post and write as much as you want , and that's all you require to create a new website your own :)

I hope it would work for you , if you need any help , write in comments.


usuf said...

It's goo blogger,

I enjoyed to read poetry. I have jsut suggestion for you if You inculde some urdu jokes which will make more precious your Blogger.

Muhammad Yousuf Ali

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see ur blog. I am MCS and working as Computer Programmer. I shall be glad to have some communication with u.