Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pakistan elections 2007

Pakistan Elections 2007

Pakistani politics has come to the same point as it was in 1999 when musharraf took power. Nawaz and benazir were fighting against each other for power then Nawaz sharif made a serious mistake and Musharraf got chance to rule pakistan. and Musharraf continue to rule till today , now he is althought not an army chief but president of pakistan.

He proved 8 years ago , that nawaz and benazir are very dangerous for pakistan, he promised to the nation that they will not get chance to loot and rule pakistan. Well, bad luck dear pakistanis, it looks musharraf is so used to power that he is ready to accept benazir as future prime ministor of pakistan. i was shocked to read this new recently on local newspaper in lahore, it is so sad.

Musharraf, not only wrapped up every case against benazir and nawaz but he is now ready to share power with them. I wonder in 7 years, nothing has changed , today pakistan is still begging to IMF and WORLD BANK. Benazir and Nawaz Sharif are in Pakistan again. Militants are everywhere in northern Pakistan, First NWFP was ruined and now its SWAT where military is involved to take control.

Anyways, i was talking about Elections in Pakistan, Party members have already started their elections compeigns in their areas. Lets talk about Lahore, its is being written on the walls that future prime ministor will be " PERVEZ ELLAHI" , i some time laugh at what is happening in lahore, for example, PERVEZ ELLAHI is HOME MINISTOR of Punjab. In lahore, he is doing some progress. he did some good works but u know to whom every credit is being given to ??? Well , MONUS ELAHI is getting every credit of his father/uncle work, i wonder what the hell is he ? why his name is being wall chalked by authorities. If any road is being developed, its developed by MONUS ELLAHI ( this is how it is said to people , monus elahi is doing everthing) But MONUS ELLAHI is not in Power, he is not a member of Provincial or National assembly, from where does he get power to do all these works ? definitly it is done by his father and uncle, but there is a propaganda to misuse power, to get elected their family members. Bad Bad choice by pakistani politicians.

Now, i think what else will be more bad than this that villagers like Shujaat and Pervez Ellahi and Monus Ellahi are getting power. I don't know who give them votes in Pakistan and why ?

Why dont' people follow bright and respected leaders like IMRAN KHAN , i think, World is right about pakistan, Pakistanis are ignorant, idiots and stupid people and they like leaders like them. they don't want that some educated, impressive, braveheart and dedicated person IMRAN KHAN lead them. To me, i think next prime minister is going to be Benazir Bhutto, but let see what happens in FUTURE. Elections in Pakistan are very near.

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