Saturday, December 8, 2007

786gifts and 786shop 786books

786gifts and 786shop , another online shopping website

I have never used these and online service but one of my friend said that they are usually late to reply and their prices are too high , if a price is 12 USD then total order size become atleast 50 USD when shipping charges are also included :)

786gifts and provides gift service to Pakistan and from Pakistan to USA and UK. their products are good and they are in market for more than 7 years now. so that is their plus point. But many new websites like sentimentexpress and , this site will fade away with time.

The design of the website is old fashioned looks as it was created by some kindergarden Kid 2000 years back . Navigation is though very simple. It is very attractive too.

I wouldn't recomment to use or or All these website belong to UrduPoint Family. and is run by Mr Ali Ch while or or are owned by Ali Ch's elder brother because due to some reason few years back both were splitted..

I think these people are working really hard to make their online business successfull however due to mismanagement and lack of interest anymore in the business, and and other child website of them are losing popularity among new generation and new needs.

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Sakeena Nawaz , USA said...

Very Poor Services Both, and , Avoid shopping from these websites. Use rather good , i have just placed 2 orders in last month and i got very good response.

snowhite said...

Fazool hai yeh site. main ne dress order kiya tha but believe me 2 month kay baad mujhe order milla jab meri dost ki shadi b ho gaye. v. disappointing. meray khiyal main pakistan main koi site bhi aisi nahi hai jiss par trust kiya ja sakay , emarkaz tu iss bhi fazool hai,
flowersentiments bahut achi website hai laikin wahan dresses available nahi hain , pata nahi q :(

Anonymous said...

I never use it, so no comments :)

flower shops in Karachi said...

I used services, they are reliable and affordable.