Saturday, December 8, 2007 , one of the poorest services available on internet was originally evolved as the no1 ecommerce website in 2005 , it was quality service providers. but with the time emrakaz gaines popularity, they started to put their prices very high. Their regular customer being in foreign didn't understand that but even then they complained about high prices but no answer was given.

with the time emarkaz is becoming worst and worst , with orders to be delayed often, emarkaz is now becoming the worst choice ecommerce in paksitan

emarkaz is getting money only from new and few old customers . otherwise, it is really a bad bad choice. if i am a paksitani and i am in UK , USA or Australia or in another part of Pakistan, i will not suggest that any body even think to pay a bad bad service of emarkaz.

emarkaz is full of loosers who know to make money but have no idea how to satisfy their customres.



Sadia Noreen, Usa said...

Yeh , i also confirm that, emarkaz is very very poor service. i had placed an order for mobile card and they replied me after 2 days and sent me 14 digit scratch card , correct scratch card is of 12 digit. how worse service they can provide ??

i love to say that please people don't use, they make fool.

Sakeena Nawaz , USA said...

yeh true,

100 % time wasters
and totally disappointing service.


snowhite said...

Fazool hai yeh site. main ne dress order kiya tha but believe me 2 month kay baad mujhe order milla jab meri dost ki shadi b ho gaye. v. disappointing. meray khiyal main pakistan main koi site bhi aisi nahi hai jiss par trust kiya ja sakay , emarkaz tu iss bhi fazool hai,
flowersentiments bahut achi website hai laikin wahan dresses available nahi hain , pata nahi q :(

Anwar Mehmood , France said...

TOO BAD SERVICE . hate to say it a pakistani website. they are so slow and their rates are so high. they say themselves as securest website but they ask so many question for a little transaction, too bad.

i like they are best in the market.