Monday, December 3, 2007

Future Prime Ministor of Pakistan

Future of Pakistan with Nawaz and Benazir Well, People can see that there are just 3 people who are candidate of next or future prime minister of pakistan (1) Benazir Bhuto (2) Nawaz Sharif (3) Maulana Fazal ur Rehman. Being a Pakistan, and being a responsible and bit patriotic fellow, i have no confidence of either of all. look, it is clear that benazir and nawaz sharif didnt' want musharraf to hold all the power. i mean its not democracy ( however, now Musharraf has stepped down as Chief of Army Staff). Let me tell you one thing , Benazir is declared life time president of Pakistan Peoples Party and on the other hand , Nawaz Sharif is life time President of Pakistan Muslim league. I mean , these both leader themselves holding all the power of their democratic parties for all their life. This is not what Musharaf did ? or may be now 1-man show or 1-woman show is changed by definition. Common, there is no democracy left within the two major democrate parties PPP and PML(N). This is really sad , that people who say that they are fighting for democracy , actually doesn't want democracy within their own party boundries. how these two would want that some could else replace them ?? then why the hell these people are crying about Musharraf and still they are doing it. Pakistan is left with no one enough capable of running the system honestly. we want new generation , we want new people , more dedicated not ex-looters of Pakistan :( . i think its not worth to participate in elections because i would get mad if i think who is better and who should i elect next as prime minister. I can bet, my servant is more loyal to me even i pay her just 3000 PKR / month than these leaders with loyality to Nations and Pakistan.

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