Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Which Scripting language ? PHP or ASP

Want to choose which programming language is better ???

You are new programmer and want to know which scripting language to choose? It is not so complex question . in this post i will tell you few important and not so important factors of both asp and php

You Shoud Choose PHP, Why ?

there are many advantages of PHP which includes
1. it is very easy, no tension of variables like in other programming languages
2. it is a scripting language which follows FOR , While, Do-While Loops of same structures as in C or C++ , So nice to hear na ?
3. You can use mySQL as backend database which is completely Free.
4. Linux hosting is always cheap and PHP/mySQL run really good on Linux
5. MySQL supports both smaller and larger websites so not to worry about whether MySQL is reliable or not.
6. PHP is faster than ASP ( biggest Advantage )

You Should Choose ASP, Why ?

1. PHP do have some short comes , as there is no variable type distinctions it becomes really tough sometimes to discover datatype errors.
2. ASP and ASP.NET are newer technologies than PHP
3. ASP is more realiable than PHP
4. Complex websites can be developed in ASP and while PHP doesn't feel so easy when we need to develop a higher traffice website.
5. ASP and ASP.NET works with MSSQL Server ( Very Reliable )
6. MSSQL Server is a mature database server while MySQL is not so mature and hence there are so many important features are missing in MySQL

Pakistani Programmer??
So what you think ? hmm Think Carefully what you want to program. In Pakistan, Mostly work is being done in PHP. Software houses in Lahore especially are using PHP Developement enormously. So if you are in Lahore, Pakistan and you want to start earning, give a chance to PHP. It is a dream programming language and is bit easy to learn as you already know C and C++

Thank You
Imran Zafar


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