Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eCommerce in Pakistan

eCommerce in Pakistan

I think Pakistan's future in ecommerce is very bright. There are millions of Pakistani living in europe, america , canada and australia and they can stay in touch with their families and love ones through these ecommerce websites on special occassions. they can send their love ones gifts on birthdays, eid , christmas, diwaali , wedding and other occassions.

Pakistani people are becoming familiar with ecommerce services as educations level is increasing. In Lahore, there are more than 100 ecommerce websites working. Pakistani in America send gifts on eid, birthdays , mothers day etc. These websites provides all kind of products like jewellery, clothes, Shirts, Bags, Stuffed Toys, Mobile Phones, Post-cards , Electronics goods , TVs, DVD Players etc.

As IT and Internet is progressing in Pakistan, I think its the best time to jump into ecommerce business in Pakistan. It doesn't need so hug network. Just a team of three to 5 person with an office.

Four Things needed to start an ecommerce Project1. You need a very good designed and reliable ecommerce website
2. You need a programmer to manage it
3. You need a data entery operator to add products
4. You need a manager to manage everything for you. I mean Office
5. A delivery service to deliver gifts at lightening speed.

For more information you can contact me imraaanz@yahoo.com

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Sameer said...

Yeh Definitely ecommerce is very good future in pakistan.