Monday, November 19, 2007

IJT , Imran Khan , Punjab University, Emergency in Pakistan and Musharraf

What is IJT Islami Jamiat Taliba ( A group of Islami Students ).

Let me tell you one thing, if you are a member of IJT , so called an islamic organization then you are proud to be a Muslim otherwise you are not ; IJT was formed to protect islamic values in universities and colleges, but you know this is pakistan, POLITICS. Now these people are not fighting for students they are fighting for politicians like Jammat e Islami. They all are active member of jamaat.

In Punjab University , Lahore, what Jamiat Actually does ?

it has following very important duties

1. Dont 'allow girls to wear western dress ( actually modern girls don't give damn to jamat 's propaganda, they do what they wish. After all , itni azaadi tu hai

2. Don't Allow girls to sit with male classfellows. even not for study purpose. becuase dil kay haal tu dil hi jaanta hai na

3. Welcoming their leaders.

4. arrange protest against government. no no, they can't see mishaps being done around them. they have no sense at all. actually they protest on the phone calls by their leaders. its their job so i don't have any problem with that.

5. They dont' allow trips anymore . girls and boys can't go to picnic with their classfellows .

6. Last but most important rule of this so called student organization is to protect ISLAM. but ANCIENT ISLAM.

Imran Khan Visited Punjab University ,

Last week Imran khan didn't got arrested by punjab police , instead he kept his moment agains musharraf and kept hiding. He talked to people but police couldn'g get trace him. Jamiat , planned a student rally to protest against Emergency in Pakistan. Everything was going as planned by Qaazi, Maulana, Jamiat etc. But then suddenly from No Where, Imran Khan showed up. Students gave so much respect to Imran Khan, that no could imagine. Especially Opposition , like, Jaamat e Islami, No Way. When students took Imran khan on their shoulder, Jamiat could n't tolerate and they started to beat the hell out of Imran Khan. They took imran khan to physics department in New Campus and then called police to arrest him because he was fighting for emergency in Pakistan. He came there to portest like other students were doing. but important question.. if imran khan was there to protest against emergency why JAMIAT didn't like him ? because Imran Khan is more popular than any one else in STudents that's why I will write more about Jamiat in Punjab University later may be, but if any one responsible is reading this post, believe me, dont' follow ignorant moment or leaders like Jamiat , Jamaat islami or other long beard people. Plz Plz , No talibanization in Pakistan. I 'm praying when next American Missile is fired on Pakistani Assembly if talibans are in GOVT in Pakistan.

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