Thursday, November 15, 2007

Useful Search Engine Optimization techniques

Userful SEO techniques for your website

Here we will discuss some really useful and most simplest SEO techniques. SEO is very important for your website for so many reasons. But the most important reason is our Popularity point of view. How important are you in your city or country ?? Do people know you ? SEO techniques enables a website to be visible in search engines. Suppose, I have an urdu website with the name of , the basic theme of my website is urdu poetry. Now a user is searching on google, yahoo, msn, altavista about urdu poetry. all these search engines will list your website link that is if you have implemented SEO techniques. If SEO techniques are really good on your website then your website link will be showing on the first page of all thease search engine for keywords like "urdu Poetry". This is important. Daily thousand of people search urdu poetry keyword and if your website link is on the first page then you will get plenty of users without marketing your website or begging for traffic right???

it was significance of SEO techniques , but how we implement SEO and what are basic techniques , how it can be done. Answers to all these questions is next

Seo Techniques

  1. In Page Techniques
  2. Marketing , Page Rank Technique
  3. Directories Link Exchanges technique

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