Thursday, November 29, 2007

Musharraf No Longer Pakistan Army Chief

Musharraf No Longer Pakistan Army Chief :)

Today he took oath as a civilian Pakistan President after ruling this nations for 8 years. He has been the most powerful person in this world after President Bush of USA. In these 8 years he had to make very tough decisions including changing policy about his own built TALABAN. Now talabaans are fighting against Pakistan Army not against Americans, we are really thankful for this great work by musharraf, every emerican would probably say :) , Being army chief of pakistan army ( 1 of biggest in the world ) and being president of a nuclear Islamic State ( Just Pakistan is Nuclear Islamic Nation) he has followed American agenda very successfully. Upcoming leaders like Nawaz sharif, or benazir bhutto will be preparing how to hang him to death infront of 30 caror Muslims in Pakistan , once Musharraf is no longer in Power. i think , to me , death is the final destination to this great Pakistan-American Hero. Long Live Musharraf, Long Live America. And Pakistan You are still helpless and we don't know how you will survive as long as you keep borning leaders like Musharraf, Benzir , Nawaz Sharif etc. Khuda hi Hafiz tumhara Meray Pakistan.

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