Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pakistan and Emergenies and Marshal Laws

Pakistan and Emergenies and Marshal Laws

It Looks as pakistan was not formed as to be prosperous and progressive country as Muhammad Ali Jinnah had dreamed of. Instead we are looking at a country which has lost one leg ( Bangladesh, previous east pakistan) . it can't walk right way, instead it walks while shake. India, is an example to the Army and Politician of Pakistan, they are a democratic people. There are so many riotes spreading happened in past and still it is going on. Muslims are fighting, tamil are fighting, Utarparadesh people are also fighting. Fighting for their right rights. But even then in 61 years , there has never been imposed any Marshal Law, or Emergency.

while pakistan, being just 7 lakh sqr kilometer area country, with having just 5% minority level, have seen Marshal Law so many times . Definitely India is not behind this. as our politician and army would probably say.

why this happens and why in Pakistan. ?

well, because we are muslims , and we are pakistanis, ? or then why does this happens ? Answer of this questions is just one.

all type of greed is there in Pakistani policticians and Army. I don't know why they can't see other getting money out of Pakistan ( illegly) and when they happen to get chance of doing the same , they do the same.
and urdu quote says

meanings ...Who has stick can get resource of a buffalo

there are no human rights kind of concept. If Politicians and army know anything special, then its GREED. i think.

GOD BLESS PAKISTAN and its POOR PEOPLE, otherwise Army and Politicians have left Pakistan begging , crying and helpless.

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