Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paypal , a solution for small websites to sell online?

What is Paypal ?

Paypal is an online transaction service for ecommerce. It doesnt provide service for pakistanis.

total rates includes (5.5 % + 0.45) USD /transaction.
with no monthly or registeration fee it is very good choice. Paypal is , however loosing its identity to ,

Recently, there were more than 5 orders in single week , i send the order , and after two days , paypal said that this transaction were illegle and that they will have charge back the customer.

I don't know, what the hell is wrong with PayPal management, why do they charge back ? if there is any error or fault of merchant then its good that they charge back, but why if merchant has already shipped the product ?

anyways, i just want to say in order to sell online, please you must keep track of customer by its CUSTOMER ID / DRIVING LICENSE and if paypal says to charge back, send these documents to them in proof that owner of the paypal accounts has himself made these transations.

However, i am sure paypal sucks. paypal is not good ecommerce solution, if you have some kinda average budget , then use and for highe budget , use worldpay. For free registeration and online transaction, i prefer moneybookers over paypal. MoneyBookers are cheap, and they don't charge back yet.

so use Paypal is total loss if you ever came across any cheater , you will be held responsible for customer's own fault of being careless. paypal should stop giving services if they can't control customer. They blame merchants and charge back on the request of cheater online shoppers who are looking to buy via PayPal because paypal supports cheaters.

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Shirazi said...

Ya, Paypal sucks. In the absence of any compititor, they are acting bad.

Chris martino said...

Paypal says they are most secured , but i don't understand , by giving merchant's earned money back to customers is called what ?

Paypal is very very bad. It is killing online sellers. But at the same time as it is said in the post , if we , sellers are more careful and have eyes opened then i think we can't be cheated.