Saturday, January 26, 2008

energy , food , political , problems and pakistan

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bit sensitive matter today ?
pakistan is unfortunately facing too many problems at the same time, political gap is being vastened day by day , and from a to z person of politics every one is saying that previous government and Musharraf is responsible for the present situation

while, Musharraf is saying , pakistan has progressed so much that our resources couldn't compensate and we have to face the shorage of energy , food and etc.

well, talk about lahore, there is more than 2 hours of traffic jam once it struck. i have faced atleast 3 hour of trafic jam and couldn't get my car out of Kalma chawk. I had to go to Faisal town but :(

anyways, i was late and had to say sorry to my boss for being late , luckily , my mobilink kept working and i was stay in touch with everyone, saying them and leting them know about my creepy situation.

Some people were saying its all Bank's bad policy. why they have put so many cars on the road ? getting a car is every one s dream , mine too. :) but that doesnt' mean that we are the responsible of traffic Jam. are we ?

Pakistan is facing shortage of Food articles like suger, ghee, etc. We have exported so much wheat and now we have to import same wheat at double the price we exported, :) i think , the person responsible for such a scumbag situation must be brought to justice.

I 'm fully agree with musharraf , he is right, pakistan has no doubt progresses but at the same time its government fault, no one could see what can be the effect of that ?
we are facing shortage of gas , wheat, electricity . what else is needed to live ? oh yeh, Air, don't worry guys we have lot of that available and luckily its free too. If government wants to earn more money , they should apply taxes over use of Air for breath, or for anything else.

Yesterday, it happened that my car had a lil accident and was sent to workshop , i hired a rikhshaw, he asked me to pay 70 RS from garden town to Liberty market, i asked him why so much ?
he replied , " bibi jee , gas 105 rs ho gayee hai "

wow, that day i realized, that whatever happens , we are shortage of anything or we don't have enough food, the only people who get affected is the lowest class.

People in government or their families or high class people have nothing to worry about they have lot of money to spend to buy petrol or gas 100 rs / litre or 500 rs /litre, they will always remain the same, they can manage. but poor people can't afford if floor went 1 RS/KG high.

This pakistan is not for Low class people any more. my message to them ?? hmmmmm, migrate to Afghanistan , these rich people don't want you to live in their country , which was sometimes yours as well.

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ruslanchik said...

well! miss,u r quite right abt d situatin in pakistan&i think d8 d govt z not only to critesize,as people sitting in govt r from us.we have to change our selves,we have to go back to d basics of life as humans&we have to address ds pro from d birht of child,its hard&awaiting but doable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sidra, I am very happy that a muslim lady put her foot forwed in this field.We are in a bad need of such type of media which promotes our views.According to my humble opinon although there is hunger,no security etc now a days but its quite better from the european life.As they have almost every thing that a man can wish in this world but they are very alone.they are restricted to mechines.childern dont care for parents and vice versa.Government has made such type of system in which a man is plunged or indulge.....he is not feeling is very difficult to find real peace is so fast....A man is not made to interact with the machines like computer, TV, mobiles.....etc...but has been made to interact with the people.this fasten of life has removed the religion from their lives and for a better life religion has the primary importance.becaue every religion has some rules and regulations on which life goes straight....In this way we are (Pakistan) are much better.As we gather may be against government but there is communication among humanbeing.
whats your opinon.You can contact with me at ''''
once again i appericate you in your efforts.

Atiq said...

I don't understand how can we deny the fact that our sweet homeland "PAKISTAN" has been made a "FAILED" state. Who made it failed state, our ARMY to whom we are pampering and any Army man has no problem if Flour is not available to the civilian people, as he can buy in any quantity from Army shop on more than 10% discount price and this 10% will thenafter will be taken from Civilian's pockets.

No doubt, Pakistan Army is now the Land-Mafia and is abusing our homeland like an accupied territory.

What is happening in North Western parts of Pakistan. At first the secret agencies of Army produce, promote the militants group and later exploit them as Pakistani Taliban.