Saturday, January 12, 2008

Every one has an eye on Pakistan , why ?


Pakistan is world 7th and Islamic 1st atomic power. Islamic countries like Libya, Iran are trying for so long to become nuclear power but they always failed and later they said their atomic project is for safe purposes. in 1998 , when India launched their nuclear tests, pakistan responded the same with in next 30 days.

Every country of this world is focusing pakistan , because they are feared of Pakistan 's nuclear bomb. all islamic world is proud of pakistan. America, Israel , France, United Kingdom are keep putting pressure on pakistan and keep talking about pakistani nuclear bombs.

No one can even think to attack any country which has nuclear bomb. Pakistan talks to india on equality basis . Today Bush keeps talking about terrorist activities in pakistan, America invaded afghanistan and forced pakistan to be at their sides. This turned afghans and taliban against pakistan, they are now fighting with america in their country , Afghanistan. And they are taking their revenge by attacking pakistani army , police and important personalities.

Why there is so bad situation in pakistan ? because we disgraced our brothers , afghan and taliban. we our self created talibans , and then started shouting, talibans are un-islamic.

America funded Usama for his own interest, now RUSSIA is no longer a threat to America, they announced Usama as a terrorist to invade Afghanistan. They attacked Iraq to have control over oil resource. They made excuse of Iraq's nuclear bombs but , all the world saw, nothing could become visible. Iraq's had nothing to do with nuclear weapons

America is leading this world, they do what they want to do and no one has courage to stop him. Pakistan can protect it self , but can't protect the world from America or any other attackers.

Long Live Islam, Long Live America, Long live Peace and Long Live Unity in Muslims.

Thank U.

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