Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nothing wrong with Pakistan

I love Parveen shakir so soooooooooo much, she was really the best in her poetry. anyways,

I just wanted to congratulate all pakistanis that MR ZARDARI is going to be the next president of Paksitan after Musharraf,

Musharaf said in his last message to Pakistanis " Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz" now i am saying , actually repeating it again >> Pakistan ka really Allah Hafiz.

Common , Guys, don't you even have single good, dedicated leader ?? Really do you left JUST ZARDARI to be president of Pakistan. ?

Go and sleep people of Pakistan, because you are worth of nothing but Looooooooooooosers.

Go 2 sleep, its nothing wrong in your country, your country is going to be in very good hands :)

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